About New Museum

OUR VISION: Kikinda National Museum is the best, the most modern small city museum in the region.

The new permanent exhibit concept had been worked on for a year. The authors’ idea is to make new permanent exhibit more suitable to general public. They also desire for the Museum to be distinctive on tourist and cultural map by being diverse and modern, and by having multimedia programs and attractively designed contents.

The basic goal is to set grounds for transforming the Museum into the fun, challenging, educational and inspiring institution.

The new permanent exhibit concept has two parts: the most important elements of Kikinda identity (situated upstairs) and the timeline of city development (on the ground floor).

The upstairs exhibit will display six most important elements of Kikinda identity: the mammoth, the clay, the wheat, Livnica and Opel, colonization – so called ‘the eight foray’, and the railway.

The essential concept of the ground floor exhibit is to show history, urban development and nonmaterial heritage of the city through time.

Based on this concept, the Kikinda National Museum has announced a public contest for preliminary design of the new permanent exhibit and accompanying add-ons. The first prize is won by Belgrade architects: Katarina Samardžija, Nikola Samardžija i Milan Španjević.

Based on the winning preliminary design, main projects for reconstruction and upgrade of Kikinda National Museum are in works.

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